International Law

The Argent International Law team is honoured to be led by the Rt Hon Sir Desmond de Silva QC -

Argent Law assists clients domiciled in both the UK and abroad with a full suite of legal services advertised elsewhere on this site, enabling them to set up and conduct business on a world wide basis.

We work closely with specialist lawyers and other professionals located in key jurisdictions, internationally blending the unique talents of the British Bar with top local expertise and knowledge to create formidable teams capable of delivering first class results.

As such we are able to deal with multi-jurisdictional investigations and litigation without any compromise on the quality of service delivery.

We have particular expertise in advising in global tax havens as well as the Far East, Caribbean, Middle East and USA.

A number of those holding high office within the Commonwealth have been former pupils at Argent Chambers including Attorney-Generals, Chief Justices and even a Head of State.

International Criminal Law

Through its close links with Argent Chambers, the Argent International Law team holds a pre-eminent position in the field of international criminal law, both prosecuting and defending.

This was developed through a long standing connection with the Commonwealth; therefore we have a wealth of understanding in dealing with highly sensitive issues in foreign jurisdictions, coupled with a thorough understanding of working with lawyers and indeed clients who come from diverse legal and cultural backgrounds. In modern times, this experience has given us an advantage in complex and multi-jurisdictional investigations.

The Rt Hon Sir Desmond de Silva QC has unrivalled experience of defending and prosecuting before foreign and international criminal courts. He has been personally appointed by the Secretary General of the United Nations to head the Office of Prosecutor of a UN sponsored Court and has also been personally picked by the United Nations Human Rights Council to Report to the UN on crimes against humanity in international waters.

Sir Desmond has gathered around him those who have experience of appearing before international criminal tribunals or who have an essential academic expertise highly relevant to international work. The team includes those who have worked on cases involving heads of state, heads of government highly placed military, political , business and intelligence personnel. Two members are currently part of the Karadzic team in the Hague and several others are registered at the International Criminal Court.

Areas of international criminal work include the following:

  • Privy Council work across the commonwealth
  • Terrorism
  • War crimes & genocide
  • International corruption and bribery investigations
  • Public inquiries involving international law
  • Military Law and courts Martial
  • Finance & Regulation
  • Money Laundering
  • Extradition
  • Espionage & Treason


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