Restraint, Confiscation & Asset Recovery

Our position at the junction between commercial and criminal law enables Argent Law to offer real and practical assistance to individual and corporate clients who are facing the quasi-criminal sanctions of restraint and asset recovery proceedings.

Our experienced team of specialist counsel are able to provide advisory and advocacy services to individual and corporate clients who find themselves facing the serious consequences of restraint proceedings or proceedings to seize assets whether as part of a criminal process or under the civil recovery provisions of the Proceeds of Crime Act.

We are able to advise clients on the implications of these proceedings as well as on practical solutions to prevent the proceedings from causing serious and potentially irreparable damage to your business.

In the event of criminal confiscation or civil recovery proceedings, Argent Law is able to bring together a team of the highest quality specialist solicitors and counsel to provide clients with first class representation focused on protecting our clients’ legitimate business and financial interests.

Members of our team have a vast array of experience of protecting our clients’ interests in the full range of financial sanction cases:

  • Pre-charge restraint proceedings freezing assets during investigation
  • Post-charge restraint proceedings pending trial
  • Cash seizure and forfeiture applications
  • Post-conviction confiscation proceedings
  • Civil recovery claims from the seizure of assets said to be the proceeds of crime in cases where there has been no criminal conviction or even prosecution


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